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Deborah Photography

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Photography Workshop Title: Slow Down and See

Instructor: Deborah Sussex

Sunday May 7, 2017 at 10am - 4pm with an hour for lunch.

Description: Artist & photographer Deborah Sussex will help participants, of all skill levels, explore a contemplative approach to creating images. A series of exercises will be offered to engage the senses, analyze light and consider the issues of a well-conceived photographic composition. Digital images will be loaded onto a computer for sharing and group reflection.

Materials for the photography class: 

1) Bring any type of digital camera. 

2) A jump or external hard drive to save and transfer images for projection and review. 

3) Notebook and pen.

About the instructor:

My life as an artist is, yet again, in an exciting new chapter now living in the Four Corners region. Teaching has become an integral and rewarding aspect of my creative life and I treasure the experiences of watching others grow in their own artistic process. 

As a photographer and pastel painter, I can offer my students a valuable combination of ways to look, see and express their impressions of the world. With a tendency towards the impressionist and abstract, I encourage a direction motivated with loose and thoughtful intention.