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Drawing: Choose Your Story Make Your Mark - Materials Exploration

Instructor: Crystal Hartman

Saturday June 3rd, 2017 at 10am - 4pm with an hour for lunch.

Workshop Description:

With the waxing of summer this workshop will activate our awareness and expression through the exploration of mark-making tools, techniques and storytelling. We will experiment with pencil, ink, chalk, collage, fibers, paint, paper, time and found objects. We will discuss and consider perspective, line, contrast, color and imagery as symbolism and metaphor in our creative work and the stories we share. We will generate creativity and build confidence in visual expression. 

*Students are encouraged to bring sketchbooks and send questions and/or specific material requests before class… 

About the instructor:

Crystal Hartman is a studio artist and jeweler creating whimsical, carnal, sculptural delights on paper and canvas, in wax, metal, light and sound. Her artwork has been shown at locations such as the Lillstreet Gallery, Chicago and the Center for Contemporary Culture, Barcelona Spain. Her illustrations can be found through Dancing Girl Press (Chicago) and Open Country Press (Missoula, MT) and have been featured in Art Jewelry Magazine, CutBank Literary Journal, Interrupter Art and Literary Magazine, and DGO Magazine. Her sculptural jewelry is represented locally at Studio &, Durango and Gold Mountain Gallery, Telluride.